Transforming Your Thoughts to Empowerment and Resilience

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Let go of anxiety and become a powerful creator

Commonly accepted research says that 75-90% of all doctor visits are stress related. So if the mind can make the body sick,  it can also make the body well. Discover how powerful your thoughts can be for changing the dialogue with the body for improving health, relationships, abundance and more.


2 Hour Meditation Workshop

In the presentation, Jay Peterson will share how our beliefs affect biology, how to slow the mind down for greater self-healing, and the latest neural science that help us understand our triggers and how we can get into a state of creation instead of falling into old patterns. We will also explore concepts of higher frequency, and how to pull in new potentials to help us realize the greater version of ourselves that is waiting to come out.


Powerful Work That Makes a Difference

The 50 minute discussion will be followed by a 50 minute guided meditation to create new potentials. Group meditation can be a powerful experience, using intentions with amplified emotions, to make the signal we broadcast even stronger. We truly get back what we put into the quantum field.

Make the investment in yourself to build the tools you can use for empowerment and resilience! 

Guided Meditations by Jay Peterson


About Jay

As a 10-year meditator and student of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden, Jay Peterson also serves as a freelance marketing consultant, business coach and graphic designer. He recently spent a week with Dr. Joe Dispenza at an Advanced Workshop in Sante Fe, NM, and is loaded with great information to share about transformation and greater human potential.

Regular Monthly Meditations

Want to be part of a meditation community? Join us as Jay leads a guided meditation the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, A Center for Conscious Living. Only a $10 energy exchange, it is the cheapest vacation you will ever take!

Next Public Workshop Coming Soon: Watch here for details.

Watch here for details.  I'm excited to share a resource that can make a difference!

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“Jay’s ‘Flip Your Script’ message explores the inextricable link between mind & body in modern terms -for a contemporary audience. Just as wearing a smile will change our inner-state, the process Jay teaches via meditation, mental awareness & adjustment of thought is nothing short of transformative. Aside from Jay’s study, accreditation & application of these principles, the shining qualification he brings is an unbridled passion for the subject at hand; he is simply & thoroughly inspired with this work. He teaches that which he most wants to know. In doing so, he elevates those around him as he elevates himself.”

  -Mark Hartney

"As a long-time meditator and workshop facilitator myself, I have high expectations when I participate in meditation classes. Jay’s "Flip Your Script" program exceeded my wildest expectations! Not only is he highly-skilled at communicating the value of a mindfulness practice and the science behind it, he also holds an incredible space for people to explore their inner worlds in a safe and powerful way. After having participated in Jay’s workshop, I immediately received clarity on a major issue I was struggling with and insight on how to move through it. The results were not only a greater sense of peace and contentment, but financial opportunities opened up as well! I now make a point of attending as many of Jay’s events as possible, as I know that each time brings with it a space for me to expand my potential. Yes, it’s that good!"

   - Theresa Rose



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